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Why were my customers be able to bypass the limit product?

Limit Purchase is the feature that allows you to control the quantity of products or the order value that your customers are allowed to make purchase.
There are several reasons why the limit may not work, in other words, customers may be able to bypass the limit you have set up. Please follow some quick checks below to see if you have overlooked anything:

Enable embeb app check
Verify that the app is installed correctly and enabled in the Shopify Editor so that our app can work properly on your store. You can do that by clicking on the "Enable app embed" button or going to Shopify admin > Themes > Customize > App embed > Turn our app on and please don't forget SAVE button

You can click on the "Enable app embed" button in the homepage

Or going to theme customization

Dynamic check out buttons
One of the most common reasons for the limit being bypassed is the presence of Dynamic checkout buttons on the product page and cart page. According to Shopify regulations, we are not allowed to access the system on the checkout page due to the presence of sensitive customer information. Therefore, our app is required to check the limit on the product page and cart page. Dynamic checkout buttons can allow your customers to go straight to the checkout page without going through the cart drawer or cart page, which leads to the limit being bypassed.

"Buy it now" and these quick payment method are Dynamic checkout button
Please consider hiding these Dynamic Checkout Buttons. Your customers can still choose their payment methods on the checkout page. If you still want to keep them on the product page and cart page, please contact us for assistance.

Conflict app
Check if there are any conflicting apps or custom code on your store that may be overriding or interfering with the limit settings. You can do that by try disabling any other apps or scripts that might conflict with the functionality and see if our limit works properly on your end.

If you suspect any conflicting apps or custom code, please contact us. Our team will investigate and make every effort to resolve this issue for you.

Speed issue
One less common but possible reason that can make it easier for customers to bypass the limit is taking advantage of the fast appearance of the Checkout button ("Order is not valid" message doesn't have time to appear) after updating the quantity on the cart page and cart drawer. This can happen with certain themes or when the store's speed is slightly slow, or due to the customer's network connection speed.

You can try to reproduce the issue by (1) adding a correct quantity to the cart, (2) updating the quantity to not meet the limit rule, then (3) quickly clicking on the Checkout button. If you can bypass the limit by this way, please let us know. Our engineer will check and try to improve the situation.

After checking all of the above and if the discount still doesn't appear, please contact us. We will investigate the issue and assist you in resolving it promptly.

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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