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Does your app work with Shopify discounts?

Our app is compatible with most types of discounts offered by Shopify.

Firstly, you need to sync Shopify with our app by selecting option "Sync discounts from Shopify" in Settings/Discount feature.

sync discount

After successful synchronization, you will see a list of discounts that our app can work with when clicking on Detail button. Please note that if the Shopify discounts are automatic discounts, they won't show here as a list of code (you can see they are automatically applied on the cart page or cart draw if our app can combine with them)


At this point, the Shopify discount will function as a discount box in the cart drawer and cart page. You simply need to enter the code there and click on the Apply button.

Important things to note:
- Typically, the Shopify discount box appears on the checkout page. However, when applying Orichi discount, the discount box will no longer appear on the checkout page, only on the cart drawer and cart page. This is because we use the draft method to calculate and apply various types of discounts.
- Orichi discount may not work with certain specific types of Shopify discounts such as specific country, tagged customer, limt per lifetime, 100% discount,...

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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